Nekos Boiceville Pharmacy is your Mobility Products specialist in Ulster County. We carry walkers, knee walkers, canes, crutches, wheel charis, and braces of all styles and sizes. If we don't have exactly what you need in stock we have the expertise and resources to get it quickly, often the next day!

Bars and Rails

We have a huge selection of grab bars and safety rails to keep you safe and steady in the privacy of your own bathroom. Our grab bars come in lengths from 12 to 32 inches, and are available in textured chrome and finished white. An alternative to permanent grab bars are our bathtub rails, available in many different configurations and sizes.

Hand-held Shower Heads

The extra-long nylon reinforced hose allows the user to bathe while conveniently sitting on a bath bench in the shower or tub. On/off valve provides easier control of water flow. An adapter can lock the shower head into a stationary position for hands free operation.

Seats and Benches

A shower seat or bath seat is perfect for those who have difficulty getting in or out of the bathtub or cannot stand while showering. They are height adjustable and available with or without a back. Transfer benches sit inside and outside of the tub for seated entry and exit, and can even be ordered with an integral commode.

Toilet Seats

Our raised toilet seats can be placed directly on the toilet rim to come on and off easily. If you like, they can be also be installed underneath the existing seat on a more permanent basis. Styles with rails and legs are also available

Advanced Wound Care

Nekos Pharmacy has the supplies for everyday cuts and scrapes and severe or long term wound care. We have bulk gauze pads and rolls, surgical tapes, and ABD pads. Latex or hypo-allergenic surgical gloves, scissors, forceps, tweezers and most common surgical supplies can be found at Nekos too. We carry wound dressings such as calcium alginate, compression dressings, hydrocolloid, hydrogel, and wound cleansers and debriders.


We carry a large selection of urinary catheters such as Foley (indwelling), urethral (intermittent), and condom catheters in many sizes and styles. Accessories include leg bags, overnight bags, insertion trays and lubricants.

Aids for Daily Living

Nekos Pharmacy has reachers, eating and utensil aids, elastic shoelaces, long shoehorns, stocking donners, dressing aids, magnifiers, pill orangizers and more. We also carry the perfect pillow or cusion whether it's for your back, head, neck, knee, heel, or legs to help you sit, sleep, or drive comfortably.

Ostomy and Incontinence

Nekos Pharmacy has the Colostomy, Ileostomy or Urostomy appliances and supplies imperative to leading an active life. For adults affected by the inability to completely control urination or bowel movements we carry a wide range of products including inserts, pads, briefs, pull-ups, underpads (disposable and re-usable), male and female urinals, bed pans, rubber sheeting, plasticized pants and cleansing products.

Nekos Boiceville Pharmacy also carries a large selection of home health and professional grade diagnostic products

Blood pressure monitors
Physician supplies
Diabetes supplies

Blood glucose monitors
Nurse supplies
Temporal scan thermometers

Pulse oximeters