Advanced Wound Care

Boiceville Pharmacy has supplies for both cuts/scrapes and severe/long-term wound care. We have bulk gauze pads and rolls, surgical tapes, ABD pads, latex or hypo-allergenic surgical gloves, scissors, forceps, tweezers, and most common surgical supplies. We also offer wound dressings such as hydrolloid, compression dressings, calcium alginate, hydrogel, and wound cleansers and debriders.


Boiceville Pharmacy offers advanced and convenient home nebulizing therapy methods. We also offer masks, mouthpieces, medicine cups, tubing & filters, and can service your nebulizer to ensure optimum performance.


We carry a large selection of urinary catheters such as Foley (indwelling), urethral (intermittent), and condom catheters in many sizes and styles. We also offer catheter accessories, such as leg bags, overnight bags, insertion trays and lubricants.

Ostomy and Incontinence

Boiceville Pharmacy has Colostomy, Ileostomy and Urostomy appliances and supplies. We carry a wide range of products including inserts, pads, briefs, pull-ups, underpads (disposable and re-usable), male and female urinals, bed pans, rubber sheeting, plasticized pants, and cleansing products.

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